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If requesting quote on cubicles please give us qty and size of the cubicle.
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We can assist diagramming your office space to see how all fits.

Remanufacturing Cubicles to New

Recycling office cubicles is the cornerstone of our business. Office Furniture Option is a company that has specialized in the remanufacturing of modular workstations in Sioux City, IA for over 40 years. We purchase surplus workstations/cubicle panels and revitalize them with brand new fabric, new paint, and finishes to look virtually new. Office Furniture Option can also refurbish a business’ existing modular workstations thus generating an even greater cost and environmental savings.
    We have many Pre-own and Remanufactured Name Brand Panel Systems in stock to choose from and we can work with your panel systems as fast as you require taking one or many cubicles at a time back to our shop to Remanufacture with new fabric and/or paint, Saving you great cost at replacing your cubicle systems.
    If painting your trim is an option we sand and prepare to perfection the trim for painting.
    After we prepare and perfect our items, they are painted to their desired color.
    Behind the scenes, while the other processes are in motion, the new fabric is placed over the newly refurbished cubicle panel frame. 
    After production is completed each product is carefully loaded into a truck and hand delivered.
    Installation is probably the best part, we actually get to see our designs come together.
We are able to provide such savings by purchasing workstations from companies that are going out of business, downsizing, moving or just remodeling. Recycling these workstations saves land fill space and provides our customers with affordable, high quality furniture. Our refurbishing process is carried out with the same environmental consciousness.